COSMÉTICA LUCENTINA DOS S.L. is a company with over 25 years of extensive experience in cosmetics industry, which sells its products in the domestic market as well as in the international ones.

From its early stages, the company has been engaged in hair and beauty products manufacturing, specializing in producing hair dye. The brand name of the company´s is LUC COLOR, although there is also production under a private-label.

Firm commitment to innovation favoured the extension of the catalogue with new products of outstanding quality, fully appreciated by the customers and having above all a very competitive price.

Based in the south of Spain (LUCENA, province of CORDOBA), the company is located in a hugely important urban area with large degree of industrialization and high dynamism. All of this along with good communications of our town, create a business-favourable environment.

COSMÉTICA LUCENTINA DOS S.L. pays special attention to the design process and the product quality, not only concerning the first consignment, but also assuring monitoring on a continuous basis, which, along with our clients´ contributions, results in constant evolution of manufactured products.

Technically the products of COSMÉTICA LUCENTINA DOS S.L. are manufactured according to various European regulations of obligatory compliance, authorized for activities concerning cosmetic producers in conformity with regulation , with an authorized laboratory number 8848-CS.

COSMÉTICA LUCENTINA DOS S.L. manufactures its products offering tranquility of a direct contact with the manufacturer, COSMÉTICA LUCENTINA DOS S.L. sells only to professionals like you, so you can rest assured in the factory staff who will be attending you, and in the availability of products at any time.

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